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  • 12/02/2010
  • Jain Heritage A Cambridge School, Kondapur


"Happiness Can Be Found Even In The Darkest Of Times, If Only One Remembers To Turn On The Light"

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Ananya Nair


Ananya has been actively involved in academic, sports and all other co-curricular activities conducted by her school. She took part in various Karate events where she had secured positions. She is a voracious reader and a budding poetess. She actively takes part in all the literary activities in her school.

Ananya was declared The Outstanding Student of the year2019-20 in the Junior Section. She took part in various Olympiads.

  1. She was awarded silver medal in National science Olympiad held in November 2018
  2. She was awarded gold medal for international English Olympiad October 2018
  3. She secured gold medal in international English Olympiad held in September, 2019

Karate has been a passion since her childhood. She took part in various events and secured medals to her credit. She also was interested in Yoga which she started learning to improve her wellbeing.

  1. She has earned international brown III and Brown II diplomas in Karate, 2019-20
  2. She has earned her Black belt in Karate in 2019
  3. She has earned two silver medals in the inter-dojo championship held on January 5, 2019
  4. Secured one gold medal in the category “under 12 girls team Kumite”, and one bronze medal in “under 12 team Kata” at the J.K.A.I National Karate Championship held on 18 January, 2019
  5. She has secured 1st place in under 8yrs girls Kata category in the 33rd National Shotokan Karate Championship held on 27 August, 2017
  6. Attended a number of Karate training camps in 2017- 19
  7. She secured 1st place in in Yoga competition on the occasion of International Yoga Day conducted by University of Hyderabad 0n 21 June, 2018

She shows keen interest in learning computer programming. In her attempt to utilize the skills she is learning, she is developing a website which provides details of all the hospitals in her locality in Hyderabad along with the in-patient and out-patient facilities that are available with specialties. The aim of this project is to serve the society in this covid19 situation where so many untimely deaths are being reported owing to inadequate medical facilities that are being provided due to delayed hospitalization and unavailability of beds. In the process of learning she has acquired a number of e-certificates and honours.

  1. She has received e-certificates from Lido Learning as:
  2. Python programmer-beginner
  3. Python game developer-beginner
  4. Python game developer-novice,
  5. Python game developer-intermediate
  6. Python game developer-advanced
  7. She has secured three honours in coding from Lido Learning. They are:
  8. Creative thinker
  9. Fast learner
  10. Young leader
  11. She had also created her own Google logo on 20 December 2018

Ananya was always fascinated to write short articles and poems which used to draw her teachers attention. With their encouragement, a few of her Poems and articles were published in the Children’s daily Newspaper, Times NIE.

  1. Her poem “My favourite teacher” was published on 17 September 2020 in Times NIE
  2. Her Poem “Girl” was published on 22 October 2020 in Times NIE
  3. Her Poem “I wish” was published on 15 February 2021 in Times NIE
  4. Her article “My best Friend” was published in Times NIE on 15 October, 2018
  5. Her article “My School, my second home” was published in the Silver Jubilee edition of Times NIE
  6. She was selected as the junior coordinator for Times NIE from JHCS, Kondapur, 2020.

Ananya always exhibited craving for reading books from her childhood. As a mark of recognition she was awarded the “The Best Reader Award” in the academic year 2018-19.

She took part in various literary activities in her school as a part of CCA activities which earned her a number of certificates revealing her proficiency as an all-rounder.

  1. She has secured 1st place in “essay writing” competition held on 7th February 2019

Ananya was always a compassionate about nature and the animals around her. She believed strongly that it was her duty to protect her surroundings which included all the living entities. She was always fond of having pets but did not want to have them caged. Hence she decided to take care of the stray dogs by feeding them and providing medical help when they were injured or sick.



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Karate Badminton Throwball Kho-Kho

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Jain heritage a cambridge School