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The Dancing Feet

The tap of the feet in rhythm and expressing the free soul hopping around with an expressive move is what the power the dancers have. Landing with the soft feet on the hard floor, tapping rhythmically with each beat of instruments, clapping as making the song is played on your indication is how the dancers play with the tune in a synergic manner. When beats, music, gestures of your hands, movement of your legs and expressions of your eyes synchronize and portray as one that is when the dancing feet energizes the surroundings.

If you have yes for the checkpoints below you can count yourself as a SOULFUL DANCER

  • I know about the basics of dance steps
  • I know various dance forms
  • I have performed in front of the audience
  • I have control over my body while performing
  • I have a strong sense of rhythm
  • I perform with confidence and dedication

You can be the part of the ‘ THE DANCING FEET’ category but for that please upload a video of your dance performance clearly focusing on you and be the part of the spotlight.

To particpate in any challenge you must be a registered member and have a subscription model of Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Once you are a member of the Incredible Kids community then you are eligible to particpate in multiple events round the year. More the events you participate more points you gain and greater are your chances to go up. There are 3 levels to reach the National Level.

Level 1: Participation in Competetions held  at school level (online or offline)

Level 2: Winners of Level 1 compete at Inter school level at city /distric or state level

Level 3: Winners of Level 2 finally compete among themselves for national position.

Some of the most important criteria is seen while judging a dance competetion:

  • 1. Musicality

  • One need to demonstrate their ability to play with the different layers of the music, expressing the sounds and lyrics of a track by hitting their freezes on beat and adapting or playing with their footwork to fit the music.
  • 2. Foundation

  • iFoundation is the fundamental of dancing. One should be able to demonstrate  the basic aspects by showing fundamental steps, Go Downs, FootworkFreezesPower Moves and Transitions. 
  • 3. Difficulty of movement

  • One should be able to demonstrate the ability to execute extremely difficult moves, like putting together tricks or power moves in hard to execute combinations. Judgement is also done on  high level of complex moves through things like demonstrating intricate footwork combinations, patterns and flows.
  • 4. Style

  • Style is what really makes a dancer stand out, and depending on a breaker’s personality, body type, flexibility, strength, creativity.
  • 5. Execution

  • One must  demonstrating and finishing their moves clearly and cleanly with dynamic finesse.
  • 6. Originality and creativity

  • a big thing is demonstrating either an original and creative twist on well-known moves, steps, freezes, tricks, power moves and transitions, or showing an original style with original sets of moves, steps, tricks, freezes, transitions, or power moves, which that dancer has created and a judge hasn’t seen before.
  • 7. Composition of the rounds

  • Does your moves flow together smoothly, and tell a story?
  • Does it look like you’re stopping and starting all the time, unsure of where to go next from what you just did?
  • There’s a rhythm and flow to the music and so there should be a rhythm and flow to your rounds in the battle.
Prizes and Certificates at all levels. 

The following Companies will provide Scholarships and online Interships to winners at different levels. Its’ totally the discretion at the company level to give scholarship to a particular winner or not.  All the winners will be recommended to various companies for scholarships. A winner can get scholarship from more than one company or may not get at all. The Jury and Management of Primary Plus Media will have no say in this and will not be held responsible for same. 


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