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Is my Child Eligible for Registration?

Yes, Any child with Indian Citizenship from Grade Nursery till Grade XII in the current year is eligible for registration. 

Is the registration free?

Yes, the registration is absolutely free. All you need is to whatsapp your full name, email, grade, school name  to +919810909900

What is the difference between Registration and membership?

The Registration in the Incredible Kids of India community allows you to create your profile for absolutely free.  This is one link to the outer world. You can consolidate your achievements year after year during school years.

However when you take a subscription to be a member you can share your work, projects thoughts, and participate in different competitions and events conducted by Incredible Kids of India or its channel partners.

Is the data of the child safe?

Yes, the data is absolutely safe and we have a very strong privacy policy of not sharing data with our channel partners or with anyone.

You have an option to make your data fields visible for public or private.

You can also make your profile private or public. 

What are the benefits of Subscription?

Benefits for Nursery till Grade VIII

You can participate in multiple competitions and join various groups of your interest. Here you gain points on different posts or participation. 

What are benefits of points?

Benefits of Points

You get points on creating profile, login, daily visits, posts, joining groups, participating in contests in various groups, wining etc. 

What are different kinds of Scholarships?

You can get various kinds of scholarships from training to cash scholarships. It depends upon the corporates who wish to give the scholarship based on your achievements and scoring of points every year.

Incredible Kids of  India  team will have no role in the judgement of scholarship.. 

What are the different levels of membership till VIII?

Types  of Membership

  1. Catflipper : If you just want to keep your profile updated with scholarly and skills sets then you can go for this membership. You also get your first eBadge of your skill sets and a certificate. from Incredible Kids of India.

For your reference:


2. Thinkers and Doers : The annual subscription offers participation in umlimited contests on this platform and allows to share your content with other members kids. Also you can see what othes have posted.

What is there for grades IX till XII?

You can create profiles and take up Achievers Membership where you will have access to Virtual Work Experiences with trainings from Industry experts once a week for six months.

Virtual Case Experience in various courses offered envisions strategic and coordinated company-wide implementation of new technologies that impacts all employees and existing processes.

You will also get a Multiple Assessment scale from Dr Branton Shearer from USA which will help you to guide you to choose the right career.



Currently we are providing Virtual work experiences for the following fields. You can choose any one of the following:

  1. Junior Entrepreunership 
  2. Junior Architect
  3. Junior Lawyer
  4. Junior Film Director
  5. Junior Data Analyst
  6. Junior Digital Artist
  7. Kids Reporter 
  8. Junior Fashion Designer

The senior children are not allowed to access groups or the activity wall.

Technical Troubleshooting

How to Reset the Password?

How to create a profile?

  1. First Login with your registered email or username.
  2. Goto setiings of my profile from Main Menu.
  3. Settings page will open.

4. How to upload cover photo

5. How to upload certificates and gallery