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Incredible Chef

It is easy to make people dance on your beats but making them dance because of the taste of your dish is way more difficult.

Presentation, flavour, colour, creativity, etc. are the main focus while cooking with great hands. Delicious treat tossed in spices and sauces is the game of flames played by the incredible chefs.

If you are confident enough to showcase your talent of cooking mouth-watering dishes do not hesitate to upload your video of cooking clicking the upload button given below.

Check if you are an incredible chef

  • I can make impressive dishes
  • I am passionate about cooking
  • I can take criticism
  • I am detailed oriented
  • Do you know what is more important? It is the flavour you cook that relaxes down the taste buds.

To particpate in any challenge you must be a registered member and have a subscription model of Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Once you are a member of the Incredible Kids community then you are eligible to particpate in multiple events round the year. More the events you participate more points you gain and greater are your chances to go up. There are 3 levels to reach the National Level.

Level 1: Participation in Competetions held  at school level (online or offline)

Level 2: Winners of Level 1 compete at Inter school level at city /distric or state level

Level 3: Winners of Level 2 finally compete among themselves for national position.

Time Management Points
Recipe and Work Plan are included in packet and must follow template provided. 5
All steps needed for prepara=on were included on plan. 8
Sufficient =mes were allowed for prepara=on, service and clean up in work plan. 8
Contestants followed their wriEen work plan. 13
Contestants were pleasant and courteous to guests. 2

Food Preparation Skills,
Safety and Sanitation

Use of correct principles and methods of food preparation. 12
All food preparation equipment and utensils were used safely and properly. 5
All food was cleaned, stored, and cooked properly. 8
Thermometer was used for food safety & quality. 14
Contestants washed hands before handling food. 5
Contestants’ hair must be completely covered with a hair net. 5
No earrings, nail polish, jewellery or visible piercings. 4
Sani=zing Countertops. 4
Work & serving areas were le] clean and =dy, i.e. tables, swept floor, etc. 4
Contestant’s clothing was appropriate and clean. 5
Judges’ Comments:

Total : 66 Points

Creativity, Innovation, and Taste Appeal

Recipe has a pleasing overall appeal i.e. plating, variety of colour and texture. 15
Recipe had a pleasing overall flavour. 20
Recipe included a contrast in textures appropriate to dish, i.e. so], chewy, crisp,
tender, etc.
Recipe included a contrast in flavours, i.e. strong, mild, sweet, tart, salty, etc. 4
Recipe textures were appropriate, i.e. tender meat, crisp veg, and lump-free gravy. 4
Natural flavours were enhanced by appropriate seasonings. 6
Creativity was used in the recipe development. 10
Judges’ Comments:

Total 63 Points

General Nutrition Knowledge
Contestant’s responses to questions demonstrated their knowledge. 5
Contestants exhibited knowledge and were able to articulate by the way of a
speech, the importance of buying and using local products.

Prizes and Certificates at all levels. 

The following Companies will provide Scholarships and online Interships to winners at different levels. Its’ totally the discretion at the company level to give scholarship to a particular winner or not.  All the winners will be recommended to various companies for scholarships. A winner can get scholarship from more than one company or may not get at all. The Jury and Management of Primary Plus Media will have no say in this and will not be held responsible for same. 


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