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“A song should end while the audience is still paying attention.”

Lyrics are the words to a song. A person who writes lyrics is called a lyricist..

Here is no “correct” path to writing lyrics, .Either write the lyrics first and fit them to music, or do the other way around.

To particpate in any challenge you must be a registered member and have a subscription model of Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Once you are a member of the Incredible Kids community then you are eligible to particpate in multiple events round the year. More the events you participate more points you gain and greater are your chances to go up. There are 3 levels to reach the National Level.

Level 1: Participation in Competetions held  at school level (online or offline)

Level 2: Winners of Level 1 compete at Inter school level at city /distric or state level

Level 3: Winners of Level 2 finally compete among themselves for national position.

Judges Criteria for lyricist

Songs we enjoy tend to have strengths in several of the elements below:

  1. Structure-song’s components/segments are the right length
  2. Melody-fresh, creative, pleasing to the ear
  3. Dynamics-song builds nicely; “goes somewhere.”
  4. Contrast-distinguishable contrast between sections of the song
  5. Hook-catchy, memorable lyrical/melodic phrase (usually the chorus) -sometimes known as hum- ability
  6. Lyrical Creativity-readily understandable, cohesive, original, fresh lyrics
  7. Poetics-Literary devices such as rhyme, rhythm, metaphor, simile and alliteration create vivid imagery
  8. Prosody-The mood of the melody matches the mood of the lyrics
  9. Resolution-The song is resolved musically/lyrically in a satisfying way
  10. Overall Effect-The song is effective for enjoyable, repeated listening.
  • Content (12 points)
  • Startegy (12 points)
Prizes and Certificates at all levels. 

The following Companies will provide Scholarships and online Interships to winners at different levels. Its’ totally the discretion at the company level to give scholarship to a particular winner or not.  All the winners will be recommended to various companies for scholarships. A winner can get scholarship from more than one company or may not get at all. The Jury and Management of Primary Plus Media will have no say in this and will not be held responsible for same. 


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Nov 20, 2021
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