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BBPS Rohini Mobile App Development Course Plus IK Subscription




Mobile App Development using MIT App Inventor

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction to Programming
  2. Introduction to MIT App Inventor & Understanding its Interface
  3. How to use Blocks and Tools
  4. Designing Front-end and Back-end
  5. Logic building
  6. Concepts of programming
  7. Properties of different components
  8. Math concepts
  9. Concepts behind Application

Course Content

The curriculum is based on teaching students to think computationally: to decompose problems, abstract and modularize, reuse and remix existing solutions, and to test fully to arrive at a working solution. Students will use MIT App Inventor, a blocks-based programming language with a development environment that runs in a browser, to design and build mobile apps. Students build their digital confidence and become empowered to create, rather than just use technology in their lives.


A mobile device is required to see the outcome of the application developed in the MIT App Inventor course


Magic App
  1. Drawing App(paint)
  2. Mole smash game
  3. Chat Application
  4. Space Invaders
  5. Calculator app
  6. Photo editor
  7. Complex calculator app

A Multifarious platform to nurture and showcase your talents and skills 

When children get involved in activities that they love doing there are naturally recurring patterns of  thoughts, feelings and behaviour associated with it.  

For example a very good drawing skills are also a base for dentist and surgeon. Similarly, interest in craft at a young age may will lead to a fashion design or interior decorating as a talent later in the teen years of the child. 

Let’s give children a time to pursue a variety of things that comes from from within the heart.


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