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Creating Profile is absolutely free*

# This is the only platform for kids to consolidate their achievements  during school years

 # We will highlight* your talents and scholarly skills on your profile page which will be updated once every year till you pass Grade XII

# Your profile page becomes one link to the outer world.

# To create your login whatupp your full name, grade, school, &  emailid to +919810909900 or mail to “”  along  with your mobile no.



What' more?

Prizes, Scholarships, E-badges and Virtual Work Experiences.

Participate in Various Competetions and events in various categories. 

Points Assesment

You gain points on being active on the pplatform by visiting, sharing posts, making friends, joining groups, participating in different activities, events, attending workshops and winning any event. 

You gain from 25 upto 1000 points on winning any contest. Every contest has different points on winning. 


Get Mi Development Scales by Dr. Branton Shearer

Access to Activity Garden and Primary Plus Digital Magazine

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From Nursery till Grade VIII

  • Cat Flipper
  • INR 200
    Per Year
    • Get your Talents and Scholalry Skills highlighted on the basis of Report Cards and Portfolio. 
    • Get your first skill based ebadge and certificate from Incredible Kids of India
  • Thinker & Doer
  • INR 1300
    Per Year
    • All in Cat flipper
    • Join Unlimited Groups
    • Participate in Contests year around showcase your skills 
    • Get eligible for National Medals
    • Free access to Activity Garden
    • 4- 5 Workshops to enhance skills
    • Free access to Digital Primary Plus 
  • Achiever
  • INR 15000
    Per Year
    • All in Cat flipper
    • Get a chance to Participate in EduTalk shows 
    • Choose any one course from below: 

    • Junior MBA (6 months)
    • Junior Lawyer (6 months)
    • Junior Architect (6 months)
    • Junior Digital Artist (6 months)
    • Junior Data Analyst (6 months)
    • Junior Film Director (6 months)

    All above course will have project and virtual Work Experience and on successful completeion will get a certification. The convocation will be done after the successful submisiion of projects to Jury.