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Aditya Vikram

Young Scientist

“I want to become an Entrepreuner”

The Story

“Everything is theoretically impossible untill it is done.”

Aditya Vikram had always been touched by people who had a disability –  people who can’t speak or walk. His research showed that any paralysed person has a conscious mind and can blink his or her eyes,  This made him design special goggles to detect blinks of the eyes and convert them into control signals to regulate the development of an interface between the brain and the computer through electroencephalographic (EEG) signals .

The System Architecture

Figure below shows the control of wheelchair which consists of an Emotive headset which senses the blinks of the eyes and convert them into dots, dash and sends the data via HC05 bluetooth module to the microcontroller which controls the movement of the wheelchair.

Aditya has gone one step further to detect the right and left movement by adding a third eye blink sensor. This sensor triggers the time interval after each blink. For example, to turn right the user has to blink to trigger the timer and blink again after few seconds to turn left or right. The timer is et accordingly and the user is trained accordingly.

Currently this project has gained the attention of govt authorities and has been filed for patent.

Position: Youngest Scientist

Date of birth: 1985-09-13

Education: Grade X



Lives in: Lives in New Delhi School Name: Dav Public School Pushpanjali