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Ananya Nair

An All-Rounder Voice of the Voiceless

The Story

“We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational and so disciplined they can be free.”

– Kavita Ramdas

“I aspire to become a doctor and join Armed forces”

Ananya Nair is a gentle and shy girl by nature, extremely compassionate and nurturing. Helpful towards all her peers and respectful towards teachers.

As a child she was very shy, she rarely volunteered to take part in any activity. Her teachers encouraged her always to perform well and achieve her goals.

She was working very hard to achieve her belts in karate from the tender age of 6. She was extremely dedicated and passionate. She was constantly progressing without missing any opportunities.

Black Belt Recognition

As she grew bigger, she started overcoming her handicap and tried to understand the need to participate than to win medals and awards, which made her gradually enjoy taking part in competitions and winning where she could perform. The joy of winning prizes only grew as the days went by.

During her Grade IV and V, her teacher identified her ability to write short poems and articles and encouraged her to pen down a few poems which were later published in the Times of India student’s edition. She was invited to the Times NIE office along with a few bigger children to edit the Jubilee edition of the Times NIE newspaper which added a feather to her hat.

She also realized that only extra-curricular activities were not sufficient to be successful in life. So, she began working very hard in her academics also.

Her Compassionate Nature

Her cousins who graduated in medicine were always an inspiration for her. She believes rendering services to the needy and sick gave immense satisfaction. This included both people and animals. She gets deeply saddened on seeing a sick person or an injured or hungry animal.

I would like to mention an incident here that happened recently. A neighbour of ours had fallen down and developed head injuries and internal haemorrhages. When he showed signs of recovery, the doctors had recommended his discharge. He was bedridden. He suffered from depression as his speech and movement were very limited and he was very weak. Ananya, seeing this uncle’s condition, decided to visit him with chocolates, which he loved, and also sang songs for him which he enjoyed the most. The response he showed after her visit was indeed overwhelming.


She also believes that it’s an honour to serve the nation. Hence, she wishes to join the Armed Forces and render her services to the soldiers as a medical professional.

She also likes to stay updated with the latest. Hence acquires knowledge in computer languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS which can help her develop websites and applications that can be put to use by the common public.

Position: Gold Medalist Under 12 Karate

Date of birth: 12/02/2010

Education: Grade VII



Lives in: iLives in Hyderabad, School: Jain Heritage A Cambridge School, Kondapur

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