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    Dhruv Narang

    Youngest Game Designer

    “I’m an Entrepreunerr”

    The Story

    “You don’t have to be the most of anything to be awesome!”

    Dhruv Narang is in Grade 4 and studies in KR Mangalam, Vikaspuri New Delhi. He is a nerf freak. His love for reading, cycling and laying with nerf guns have made him witty and spontaneous.

    He is an enterprising boy. He has two businesses Dhruv Delivers and Happy Massage Services.

    Dhruv has written his debut book to help kids who are fond of Nerf Guns in his first book”Nerf Elite blasters”.


    Like the CS-6 and the rider, CS-35  the jolt does not feature the standar –N Strike colour scheme. Instead it features a colour scheme similar to the Gear Up series.

    The blaster has no tactical rail due to its small size. This blaster is capable of Vacuum – loading darts if it is primed while a dart is already loaded into the muzzle.

    Rather than on the back, its plugger tube comes out of the bottom of the blaster.

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    Position: Youngest Author

    Date of birth: 1985-09-13

    Education: Grade V



    Lives in: in New Delhi School Name: KR Mangalam Vikspuri