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    Veer Kashyap

    Youngest Game Designer

    “I’m a Game Designer”

    The Story

    Veer Kashyap had gone to visit his grandparents in Bengaluru during the academic break and got stuck due to lockdown. To overcome the boredom, he decided to design a board game on his own when our Prime Minister announced first phase of lockdown. He understood the COVID-19 scenario through media and came up with a board game, which he named CORONA YUGA, meaning Corona Era. He designed the layout, drew infamous corona virus shape on a cardboard and accomplished using material available at home. He play tested his game several times with the help of his family member including great grandmother (aged 94 years) at home during lockdown. We posted a video on the YouTube on 20 Apr 20 in order to explain the DIY – Board Game and spread the awareness. and same went viral within few days. (

    Veer being the “Youngest Board Game Designer”, his maiden design has gained recognition and appreciated by eminent personalities including President Navy Wives Welfare Association and many Board Game designers.

    Position: Game Designer

    Date of birth: 1985-09-13

    Education: Grade VI


    Lives in: Kochi, Kerala . School Name: Navy Public School, Kochi. Last School Attended: Army Public School New Delhi