Celebrate Movie Making With Vevek Paul

Enter Short Films Contest (Round 1)

to enter in “The Great Indian film Festival”

Members gain points at each entry.  Best Entries get selected to be screened. Winners also get scholarship from TGIFF and Primary Plus Media.

Schools get recognition too.

The Great Indian Film Festival


mini documentary is a great way to share your story.

The length of a mini documentary might be anywhere from 2-25 minutes and is also referred to as a short film. Mini-documentaries are a fantastic way to get a message or story across in a limited amount of time.


Animotica has a convenient interface that allows easy drag-and-drop actions. This, in turn, makes it one of the best movie makers for kids.  The kids can add photos, videos, GIFs, clips and can also add transitions between those clips, and then layer them with a song or a voiceover. Some special video effects are also present—video stabilization, motion effects, background blur, and more. Best way to learn is to put photos  together  using the slideshow feature. 


Magisto an online video editor and smartphone app by Vimeo  Magisto is known for its user-friendly interface, and has a myriad of templates for any occasion and is customizable. They can also upload footage and photos, select an editing style, and Magisto will process it using its AI technology.  This is a good programme for beginners in video editing.

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Enter Movie Making Contest Today!

Contest opens on June 10th 2021. Submissions will keep on going till September 30th. Members are allowed to submit multiple entries.

For Non-Members

Nov 17, 2021
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Nov 18, 2021
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Nov 20, 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

For Members

Watch Short Films by Kids

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Vevek Paul

Vevek Paul is the founder of Cinemaddicts9. He brings fresh outlook , creative ideas and a collaborative approach to entertainment and film making.


Ventriloquoism is the art of speaking without moving your lips and making it seem as if your voice is coming from another person or thing; especially done by an entertainer

``Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.`` - Alber Einstein

Film Making

The planning is the foremost important thing to do. You can’t simply pick a camera and start shooting. First collect your thoughts and put them on paper.

The first thing to decide is “What will your fil be about?” Decide on of the types of film as discussed below or you can even make up on of your own. Once you have decided this, start writing content or building of plot.

Make a questionnaire for each film type to decide the content of your film. Content or Storyboarding is a key role in making up of a good film. 

Once you have decided the storyboard then you will have to work to write the script for each scene. The script also involves dialogue writing.  

Where will your film be set? Will you like to film inside your home, classroom, school premises or outside your home, in a park. Write down all the locations as per the scenes. If your are filming outside, what will you do if the weather is not good. 

Check out as per the script what different kinds of props do you require. You might need to collect different props or hire them or make them. 

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